Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kitty Claws

Hello kitties! I am so super sorry it has been so long. I am certain that I could make up a hundred different reasons for neglecting my loyal followers (all 8 of you, I love you dearly), but it would all be simply words. So, let me say that I am sorry and leave it at that. Also, I am a mother to a one-year old who works full time and has a very demanding social life, so get off my back. Just kidding! :)

So on to the post ...

Those of you who know me know that I NEVER wear nail polish. Never. I've tried it. It lasts for about a day, and then it chips and looks terrible. Apparently I am very rough on my nails. Who knew? I do, however, file them and shape them constantly, and keep them relatively long-ish. You can thank MamaDukes for that, I remember watching her filing her pretty long nails as she watched her evening programs ... she's the one who inspired me to finally stop biting them off!

Anyway, I am a loyal follower of Erika over at Cafe Fashionista. My decidedly un-fashionable self lives vicariously through her Tightwad Tuesdays, Thrifty Thursdays, Fashionably Moi, and various other amazing contests and giveaways that I drool over and desperatly try to win but never do (pick me, Erika, pick me!). As I was browsing I found that she mentioned a nail polish blog she adores, and curious me decided to take a look. You see, I do do the toesies - I love me a good pedicure, and try to get one at LEAST once a month - and I am always looking for the funnest shades. Lo and behold, this kitten has been smitten with the nail stylings of Scrangie.

Oh. My. God. For really, I don't think I even knew you could DO this to nails!!! And the colors! Oh dear lord, so pretty!!!! Here is just a sampling of my favorites .... enjoy my sweet kitties!

This is a manicure technique she is calling the "Ruffian manucure" - soooo super cute!!! i love the colors! I really do wonder if I could pull something like this off ...

I love these colors too -- the gold is so pretty!

And here we go with THREE different colors . sooo pretty! I don't know about the red on the bottom though, it kind of looks like her cuticles are bleeding ....

I am simply MAD for this color!!! It's called Nicole ... Spotted and its in OPI's new Gossip Girl collection. For really? LOVE! I kind of have a thing for sparkly anyway, and this is just to die.

This gorgeous black matte polish is something I'm not sure I could EVER pull off, but maybe if I get braver I'd give it a shot. It's called Obscure, and it's by OPI.

I kind of really love this too. I went through a phase in high school where I would ONLY wear this color blue. I had it in sweaters, shirts, t-shirts ... and as soon as I saw this polish, it brought me right back there. Man, I loved that color .... this one is very fittingly called Raindrops, by Illamasqua. Never heard of the brand, but they sure make purty colors!

Razzle Dazzle. Um, OK. If I had to pick a color now to wear every day like I did in high school, I would TOTALLY pick this color. But it would have to have all the luminescent shine that this polish does, otherwise, forget it. Just gorgeous. And sparkly! Me likey! Oh - this is called Razzle Dazzle, by Deborah Lippmann.

I am really liking this one a lot too. It's softer, and I think it would be a good foray for me into the world of polish. Nice for every day wear, but still pretty and sparkly enough if I plan to go out ... 'cuz I do that all the time. Really. Stop laughing. Moms can have a life too, you know. OK. I'm lying. This would like nice on my nails as I sit on my couch feeling sorry for myself and my lack of a life. And its called Scandal, Secrets and Sparkle, all of which I need in my life, by OPI.

Oh this is another one by Deborah Lippman. SO pretty! Look at how many different sizes there are of the sparklies!!! I love this, but I wonder if it would look really juvenile on my nails ... still. Love. And, it's called Some Enchanted Evening. Man, I'd love to have a job naming nail polishes I'll never wear. What a cool job that must be. Nail Polish Namer.

Ready for the similarities between different nail polish colors? Take a look here. I really love this (well, these) color(s). Again, I'm just not sure I could wear this, it's super dark, but I do really love it. Again, maybe I can work my way up to this ... but these are 4 different colors! For really! Scrangie says its, from left to right (pinkie to index), OPI Party at 3 AM, OPI Blues in the Night, OPI Unripened, & Jessica Casablanca. Interesting that 3 of these shades are made by the same company! How do they not see it and say, oh, gee whiz, this looks just like Blues in the Night!

Anyhoo, kittens, what do you think? Do you experiment with nail polish? Scrangie talks about layering different shades, and uses all kinds of neat manicure techniques and all that ... what's the wildest thing you've ever done to your nails?

--XOXO, Bree.

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