Monday, November 8, 2010

My '90s R&B/Hip Hop mix

As I approach the dreaded 3-0, I find myself looking back to the good ole days - especially the good ole days of music. Remember when hip was awesome and funky, and R&B was REAL R&B - as in, remember when music didn't suck? Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the rock that came out in the '90s (hellooooo grunge!) but even then I was torn between the hip hop and the rock. So, since they still play all the good rock on the radio (thank you 92.9!!!) I am giving you something you can feel :) - my 90's hip hop/R&B mix for some birthday goodness!!!

Enjoy Kittens!!!
En Vogue: Giving Him Something He Can Feel

PM Dawn: Memory Bliss

Arrested Development: Tennessee

TLC: Creep

Wreckx-N-Effect: Rumpshaker

En Vogue: Free Your Mind

TLC: Ain’t to Proud 2 Beg

Fresh Prince: Parents Just Don't Understand

ABC: Iesha

SWV: Weak

Shai - If I Ever Fall In Love Again

Salt n Peppa: Whatta Man

H-Town: Knockin the Boots

Blackstreet: No Diggity

Bel Biv Davoe: Poison

Montell Jordan: This is How We Do It

Zhane: Hey Mr. DJ

Color Me Badd: I Wanna Sex U Up

En Vogue: Hold On

Janet Jackson: If

Erykah Badu: On & On

Warren G: Regulate

Dr Dre: Nuthin but a G Thang

Zhane: Groove Thang

Janet Jackson: Again

X-scape: Just Kickin It

Deeee-lite: Groove is in the Heart

Arrested Development: Everyday People

PM Dawn: Die Without You

En Vogue: My Love (Never Gonna Get It)

Janet Jackson: That’s the Way Love Goes

Snoop Dogg: Gin & Juice

Bone Thugs n Harmony: Crossroads

2Pac: Dear Momma

Beatnuts: Watch Out Now

Tribe Called Quest: Can I Kick It

Digital Underground: Humpty Dance

Queen Latifah: UNITY

Digable Planets: Nickle Bag

Tribe Called Quest: Bonita Applebaum

Young MC: Bust a Move

Pharcyde: Drop

De La Soul: Me Myself & I

Naughty by Nature: OPP

Pharcyde: Passin’ Me By

Naughty By Nature: Hip Hop Hooray

Dr Dre: Let Me Ride

Luniz: I Got 5 On It

Digable Planets: Rebirth of Slick

The Roots & Erykah Badu: You Got Me

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mourning Wood: A Movie Review

Fat Foot Films has entered its first feature length film in Mourning Wood, just in time for Halloween, and judging by Saturday afternoon’s hilarious premiere, it is sure to become a cult classic. Writer-director Ryan Convery’s brainchild definitively falls under the category of sui generis.

Part Evil Dead II, part Klowns from Outer Space, part really bad B porno movie for gay men, Mourning Wood truly stands in a genre all its own. It pays homage to the comedy-horror flicks of the ‘80s, with some classic characters from the pulp horror flicks of the 1950s. After 4+ years in the making, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Mourning Wood is actually a (relatively) well-made, genuinely funny "horror" film for the 21st century. The cinematography is surprisingly smooth, with well-edited transitions, angles, and interesting shots that lend insight into the plot line.

Someone has tampered with the products in Dr. Pendelton’s lab, an infomercial king made famous for products like FartX and Dick Killer Condoms. He is now poised to introduce a new product called ‘Shampube’ designed to do … well, we never find out because it turns the entire town into semen-spewing humping zombies. Yes, you read that right.

In a bit of reality meets plot, a loveable group of nitwits (with Marc Guild playing the hilarious Derik) are too busy smoking pot and talking about making movies to notice what is going on the world. Hilarity and semen-drenching ensues, and (almost) everyone makes it out (mostly) alive.

Convery ingeniously uses TV broadcasts (starring himself as the very-funny on-scene news personality and the loveable but lost Nick Brown as the host) to give the audience the feeling of "reality".

In the end, the makeup and special effects alone are worth picking up a copy (the entire dream sequence with “G” is amazing!), but likewise Ryan Convery’s script is thoroughly funny and enjoyable, in a sick & twisted way. A++

Buy your copy today, available at

Monday, October 25, 2010

Another Ruche Lookbook for Fall!

This one was shot in New England, which is awesome.

The text is sort of lame (sorry Ruche, but really, it is) but the looks are simply fabulous!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh, Hilary.

Hello Kittens!

We all know that I am pretty obsessed with all things wedding, so you may be surprised to learn that it is really quite rare that I pay much attention to celebrity weddings. I guess they are often so over the top, and to be frank, often lack much of the creativity one gets with something a little more home-grown. I'm not really into the sort of DIY, handmade thing either, but I like a sort of mix, I guess, of opulence and home-spun classic goodness. Its hard to find the right middle ground, I think, that really pleases my eye.

And you know who TOTALLY missed the mark? Hilary Duff. I mean, for really. It shouldn't really surprise me that a teenagers wedding wasn't really all that and a bag of chips, but this one is just SO off I had to blog about it ... sorry, Hilary, but really?

Exhibit A: The hair.
Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all about the messy up-do/bun thing, but really? I could have done a better job on your hair, Hilary, and I can barely remember to run a brush through these locks on a daily basis. This thing is just a frizzy giant bouffant of a disaster. What were you thinking?! How did your stylists even let this happen? How did you not look in the mirror and say, "Y'know, the frizzy bouffant thing is just not working for me ..." Oh, Hilary. 
Exhibit 2: Spelling mistakes. Oh my.

Unless we're in some weird country that spells "Compliments" differently than we do (hey, it's a possibility, look at how the Aussies spell "aluminum"!) then you MUST check your spelling, silly girl!!! If you didn't notice, seriously, shame on you. And if someone else noticed and didn't tell you, shame on them and I hope you fired them. And if you DID notice, and decided to use it ANYWAY, I give you this piece of advice: if I learned anything from Tim Gunn, you've got to make it work, and if it doesn't you send your model down the runway naked rather than humiliating yourself like that.

Exhibit 3: Really terrible, not-good kind of retro 90's blue uplighting

It's tacky. It had it's moment, and now it's over. Please, please, please stop using this hideous uplighting business! It looks just plain BAD!!! This is not a discotheque, or a rave in 1998, this is your wedding. You wouldn't use a mirror ball, would you ... oh, please, Hilary, tell me there was no mirror ball ....

Exhibit 4: Icing-less cake. So Hilary said she wanted her wedding to have that home-grown kind of feel that is uber popular in weddings these days. Well, as stated, we all now know that I'm not a huge fan, but I HAVE seen it done really well. And Hilary, darling, with everything else your wedding had going on, a random icing-less cake does NOT make it home-grown. It just looks weird, unfinished, and out of place.

Well, my mom always told me not to say anything if I have nothing nice to say, so here it is.

Her ceremony space looked really pretty.

Sorry, Hilary, I know you're just a kid, but somebody should have hired you a better wedding coordinator. hey, like my friend Emilia over at Sweet Emilia Jane - she's pretty awesome and DEFINITELY would have thrown you the prettiest little home grown wedding you've ever seen!!!!

The Cat.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New York, here I come! (And an announcement)

This weekend I am going to visit my BFF in NYC ... the same one I blogged about last week! Funny how that happens ... anyway. My impending trip got me thinking about the subject of friends. Friends make us who we are - they help us cope with things when we are down, they help us realize what direction it is that we are supposed to go in - and they base it not on who THEY are, and not on what direction THEY would go in, but a real friend just knows you so well that they can say, look, friend, you and I both know that this is what is right/wrong for YOU.

My friend in NYC is just like that. She understands me even when I don't speak. We are only able to see one another a few times a year, but we've gotten so good at chatting on the phone that she can just HEAR my voice and know that something isn't right - and 9 times out of 10 she even knows what it is that isn't right!

I realized that I've been holding on to a lot of anger and sadness in my life. I've known about it for awhile now, and while I've tried so hard to let it go, I just can't seem to shake it. It had to do with betrayal, and unfinished business, and a lack of understanding why what happened had in fact happened ... This summer I was able to get some closure (which was incredibly painful and difficult), but it didn't help me to let it go in the way that I really hoped it would.It wasn't until very, very recently that I really got to the real root of why I've been holding on. It was sort of a really fucked up epiphany moment, but now that I've recognized it, I am SO glad that I am going to NYC to see my friend so we can hash out what is going on in my head. She always knows how to fix me  :) Love you Corn Flakes!!!!

It is SO important to have good friends in your life. I've had to "break up" with my share of friends in my life (ahem). It's never easy. But when a friend stops "getting" you and understanding your life it may be time to start saying your goodbyes, even if it is really difficult, because we all know there is nothing worse than having a toxic friendship. It's like being betrayed over and over again - you USED to get me, what happened?! But sometimes it's just a matter of life happening, and people moving on & changing. It's just like a relationship with a significant other - sometimes, depsite your best attempts, you become different people and you wake up one day and realize: I don't know this person anymore. In these cases it's not so much anyone's fault, but sadly, that doesn't always make it any easier.

In other cases (aHem!) you have no idea what happened, you simply wake up one day and realize that you've been broken up with. Not to say its ever happened to me, or anything (AHEM! Must be a frog in my throat, sorry!) but it seems to me that you really need to be certain that a friendship can't be salvaged before you go and cut ties so completely. Or, at least, make sure the other person knows why you've decided to move on, and not just pack your shit and leave while someone else is on their honeymoon and then never speak to them again after 20+ years of friendship. Bastards. Oh look, there's that anger!

It's also kind of funny that sometimes, the real root of your anger doesn't become fully actualized until it happens again. It's like the world needed to bash you on the head before you finally woke up and say ... Ohhh. I get it now.

But I digress. The point is, I don't have enough good girl friends in my life - not ones who live close to me, anyway. Especially new mommy friends, women who really "get" the concept of mommy-hood and the immense changes that it brings. So, I am excited to annouce that I've joined a new mom's club, and so far the members have been more than welcoming. They have TONS of great kid-friendly activities all the time (evenings and weekends included, so working moms like me can actually hang out), along with book clubs, and (here's the best part) they try to do at least 2 moms-nights-out a month. Eek! As scary as it is, I am absolutely thrilled to bring new blood into my life, and into my daughters life. There is nothing more thrilling and exciting than a new relationship - and in this case, it's several! And I really, truly believe that this is going to be the key to helping me to realize the anger I've held on to for so long, and really let it go and move on with my life.

After all, I've started this new chapter of mom-hood, it's best to start filling the pages, right?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I am so high right now.

Last night I was talking with my BFF in NYC. She was heading out with another mutual friend for drinks - on a Thursday. And I thought (and said as much) maaaaaann, I remember Thirsty Thursdays. Heck, I remember Thirsty Mondays ... and Tuesdays, and Wednesdays for that matter. But shit changes when you become a mom. Like, big changes, along with the weird other little changes that are just a pain - like grocery shopping or errand-running with children. Pain! Anyhoo, that night I got to feeling all down on myself, because really, I totally miss that.

Perfect example: last weekend, all I wanted was to watch a movie at my very good friend's brandy new condo. But I couldn't, I had to leave early, because the kid needed to go to bed and she doesn't sleep well in foreign places. Lately it seems like that's all we do - see friends for a minute, then go home and put our kid to bed for 8:30 and then watch TV 'till we get tired ... and then the weekend is over. It's a giant bummer. I just want to go out! Put on some cute heels, wear some fun makeup, and go OUT! Even if it's just something totally minor. And I don't want to have to plan it, I want it to just happen because I FEEL like it, and not because we lucked out on a babysitter that night.

And then, tonight happens. I came home, and the hub was giving the kid a bath and was feeling frustrated. So I took over. She splashed me in the face with water, and giggled at me, and then paraded around the tub holding her dripping Elmo Tub Sub (her favorite bath toy), naked as the day she was born, laughing and splashing water at me, her fat little belly sticking out, all pudgy-like.

And then we got her in her p-jammers, and we sat down in the rocker, and she curled up in my lap and cooed for a little while, smelling all sweet. And I thought to myself: mine. This kid, this small little human, this is MINE. I made it. It depends on me. It sees me, and breaks out into this giant ridiculous grin, and toddles over to me, reaching for a hug. It calls me Momma, for chrissakes. When is the last time you found that in a bar? (If the answer to this is any time recently, I'm not certain I want to hear that story) And this is my LIFE. This perfect little person is my life, for the rest of my life. She will be the biggest part of me I ever let go into this world. I will watch her grow into a big kid, and then a bigger kid, and then a teenager. I'll watch her get married, I'll watch her have kids of her own. This kid, this sweet-smelling, awesome giggly toddler, will be MY LIFE forevermore. And that is kind of the awesomest thing ever. Especially because she's super cuddly, and kind of looks like me  :)

Here's the thing. Life has it's ups and downs. And that's true if you're a mom, a working professional, a job seeker, a world traveler. You are ALWAYS going to see greener pasture no matter where you are in life. And you know, what? My pasture: its pretty darn green, and it smells like lavender after it bathes and it has the sweetest giggle you've ever heard. This for me is a giant "up" in life, even if I sometimes miss the Cosmo's. Yeah ... I am so high right now.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kitty Claws

Hello kitties! I am so super sorry it has been so long. I am certain that I could make up a hundred different reasons for neglecting my loyal followers (all 8 of you, I love you dearly), but it would all be simply words. So, let me say that I am sorry and leave it at that. Also, I am a mother to a one-year old who works full time and has a very demanding social life, so get off my back. Just kidding! :)

So on to the post ...

Those of you who know me know that I NEVER wear nail polish. Never. I've tried it. It lasts for about a day, and then it chips and looks terrible. Apparently I am very rough on my nails. Who knew? I do, however, file them and shape them constantly, and keep them relatively long-ish. You can thank MamaDukes for that, I remember watching her filing her pretty long nails as she watched her evening programs ... she's the one who inspired me to finally stop biting them off!

Anyway, I am a loyal follower of Erika over at Cafe Fashionista. My decidedly un-fashionable self lives vicariously through her Tightwad Tuesdays, Thrifty Thursdays, Fashionably Moi, and various other amazing contests and giveaways that I drool over and desperatly try to win but never do (pick me, Erika, pick me!). As I was browsing I found that she mentioned a nail polish blog she adores, and curious me decided to take a look. You see, I do do the toesies - I love me a good pedicure, and try to get one at LEAST once a month - and I am always looking for the funnest shades. Lo and behold, this kitten has been smitten with the nail stylings of Scrangie.

Oh. My. God. For really, I don't think I even knew you could DO this to nails!!! And the colors! Oh dear lord, so pretty!!!! Here is just a sampling of my favorites .... enjoy my sweet kitties!

This is a manicure technique she is calling the "Ruffian manucure" - soooo super cute!!! i love the colors! I really do wonder if I could pull something like this off ...

I love these colors too -- the gold is so pretty!

And here we go with THREE different colors . sooo pretty! I don't know about the red on the bottom though, it kind of looks like her cuticles are bleeding ....

I am simply MAD for this color!!! It's called Nicole ... Spotted and its in OPI's new Gossip Girl collection. For really? LOVE! I kind of have a thing for sparkly anyway, and this is just to die.

This gorgeous black matte polish is something I'm not sure I could EVER pull off, but maybe if I get braver I'd give it a shot. It's called Obscure, and it's by OPI.

I kind of really love this too. I went through a phase in high school where I would ONLY wear this color blue. I had it in sweaters, shirts, t-shirts ... and as soon as I saw this polish, it brought me right back there. Man, I loved that color .... this one is very fittingly called Raindrops, by Illamasqua. Never heard of the brand, but they sure make purty colors!

Razzle Dazzle. Um, OK. If I had to pick a color now to wear every day like I did in high school, I would TOTALLY pick this color. But it would have to have all the luminescent shine that this polish does, otherwise, forget it. Just gorgeous. And sparkly! Me likey! Oh - this is called Razzle Dazzle, by Deborah Lippmann.

I am really liking this one a lot too. It's softer, and I think it would be a good foray for me into the world of polish. Nice for every day wear, but still pretty and sparkly enough if I plan to go out ... 'cuz I do that all the time. Really. Stop laughing. Moms can have a life too, you know. OK. I'm lying. This would like nice on my nails as I sit on my couch feeling sorry for myself and my lack of a life. And its called Scandal, Secrets and Sparkle, all of which I need in my life, by OPI.

Oh this is another one by Deborah Lippman. SO pretty! Look at how many different sizes there are of the sparklies!!! I love this, but I wonder if it would look really juvenile on my nails ... still. Love. And, it's called Some Enchanted Evening. Man, I'd love to have a job naming nail polishes I'll never wear. What a cool job that must be. Nail Polish Namer.

Ready for the similarities between different nail polish colors? Take a look here. I really love this (well, these) color(s). Again, I'm just not sure I could wear this, it's super dark, but I do really love it. Again, maybe I can work my way up to this ... but these are 4 different colors! For really! Scrangie says its, from left to right (pinkie to index), OPI Party at 3 AM, OPI Blues in the Night, OPI Unripened, & Jessica Casablanca. Interesting that 3 of these shades are made by the same company! How do they not see it and say, oh, gee whiz, this looks just like Blues in the Night!

Anyhoo, kittens, what do you think? Do you experiment with nail polish? Scrangie talks about layering different shades, and uses all kinds of neat manicure techniques and all that ... what's the wildest thing you've ever done to your nails?

--XOXO, Bree.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ruche Lookbook is out!

Wheeeeeeeeee! I love this time of year! You are oh-so-sad to see the gorgeous weather go, but the stores start to fill with riding boots and sweaters and cardigans --- oh my! And in my humble opinion, Ruche has captured what I wish I could look like this fall. If I had my way, this would be me, all season long. Thank you!

Friday, August 20, 2010

I recently came across these AWESOME jewelery designs from Finestra Designs. I know my all my kitties know that I am the biggest bleeding heart, like, ever, so it warms my little, er, heart, that Finestra donates 20% of all profits to a wide array of wonderful causes - from the Red Cross, to Doctors Without Borders, to the Nature Conservatory, to Susan G. Komen (plus many more!). What I LOVE about these pieces is that each and every design can be made into earrings, bracelets or pendants - you pick the style, she'll set it for you. LOVE!

There are so many gorgeous pieces it's hard to choose the few I love the mostest, but I'll try!!!

I give you the Orion Nebula on a chain:

Don't like it in gold? This accomodating artist will do it for you in sterling silver or "antique finish" - which is basically like brushed silver. Gorj!

At about the size of a quarter, you can now wear the artist's own photograph of the sun setting over the Alaskan forest:

Aren't these just Oh-My-Word beautiful?

In an ode to my affinity for all things country, how about this beautiful, lonely looking little barn, in a stunning black and white photo from the artist's own work:

I will leave you with one last one, from the artist's artist friend (oh man I am good at the words) John Sherman- how can you not want ALL of these?!! For $35 each, they are a steal & a half!!!

And just so you can see how gorg they would would be sitting on your pretty little neck:

OK, kittens, now trot on over to Finestra and buy yourself a pretty little something.  :)  Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Farm Weddings

Good afternoon Kittens!

Sorry its been so long - this has been the craziest, wedding/birthday/BBQ/getaway filled summer I think I have ever had. Its been a whirwind of fun-ness, but that makes me one tired Kitty Cat! Ah well, what can you do - it makes me happy to have so many people who want me to share in their special celebrations!

After this past weekend, I can scratch yet another wedding off my list - which leaves me with just one very special day left of the season. In the spirit of all things nuptial, I'd like to present to you a little wedding inspiration. Lord knows my asthetic leans towards country/rustic-chic. Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE the frilly, girly romantic sort of weddings, as well as the vintage, classic style, and drool over the modern chic - but if I could plan my own wedding again, I'd stick with the sunflowers and barns and sunshiny-yellows. Oddly enough, there aren't many working farms that lend out their lands for us to hold a fete in Worcester county, otherwise you know you would have seen this bride petting cows in her bridal portraits ...

And so, I live vicariously through the gorgeous pictures I find on the interweb. Like, hey, here's one now!

Oh, South Carolina, I love you and your stylish weddings!!!

Ashley Baber sure knows how to throw a gorgeous wedding - the details of this one just make you want to savor each moment. Somehow they have made a farm wedding frilly and girly and sooooo pretty!

Where else but Vermont would some of the most stunning farm weddings be held - and who else but Kingdom Photography would shoot such a gorgeous day?!

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, a few from my extensive archives .... credit given when I can remember where it was from (hey, nobody reads this thing anyway, I doubt I'll be sued for copywrite infringement or whatever).

Don't Remember - Sorry pretty Egg Bride!
Sweetest Occasion
Sweetest Occasion
Style Me Pretty
Style Me Pretty

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Babycakes is One

Holy-moly-britches. It is really amazing how fast time passes. I mean, I know people say that, but really ... I remember the days leading up to today last year, sitting in the rocker in her room, petting my giant fat ginormous belly and telling Miss Chloe that it was OK to come out, that her room was all set and ready for her, and she would really like it here, and I promised to hug her and kiss her every day. I told her that her daddy gave great hugs too, and begged her to come out so we could meet her ... and then she did.

And she was so teeny and cute and sleepy. Its hard to believe that she was really this small once ...

There are a lot of things I really miss about those first few days with my funny little girl ...

And then some things that I don't miss quite so much ....

I must say that I feel so blessed to wake up every single morning, and I see this little face staring up at me, loving me unconditionally, always with a big smile (she's not like her mommy in the morning!)

There was something almost surreal about her first year photo shoot with the amazingly talented Lynn Quinlivan. On the one hand, it was so awesome that my baby girl is now SO fun, and seemingly happy all the time, and actually seems to understand what I say to her sometimes. There are parts of her being a one-year-old that is just so cool - but the mommy in me can't help but think if this first year went by this fast --- will the rest of it go by like that too?

Either way, I think the only thing that I can really do is just sit back, relax, and enjoy the Peanut's childhood. I've decided to make it my mission in life to make sure that I see that smile every single day, and that she has the happiest possible childhood that me and her Daddy can give her.

I hope you all enjoy these gorgeous photos as much as we do! Thank you SO much Lynn, you were truly a joy to work with! If you want any more information about Lynn Quinlivan's work, please feel free to shoot me a message!!!