Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Babycakes is One

Holy-moly-britches. It is really amazing how fast time passes. I mean, I know people say that, but really ... I remember the days leading up to today last year, sitting in the rocker in her room, petting my giant fat ginormous belly and telling Miss Chloe that it was OK to come out, that her room was all set and ready for her, and she would really like it here, and I promised to hug her and kiss her every day. I told her that her daddy gave great hugs too, and begged her to come out so we could meet her ... and then she did.

And she was so teeny and cute and sleepy. Its hard to believe that she was really this small once ...

There are a lot of things I really miss about those first few days with my funny little girl ...

And then some things that I don't miss quite so much ....

I must say that I feel so blessed to wake up every single morning, and I see this little face staring up at me, loving me unconditionally, always with a big smile (she's not like her mommy in the morning!)

There was something almost surreal about her first year photo shoot with the amazingly talented Lynn Quinlivan. On the one hand, it was so awesome that my baby girl is now SO fun, and seemingly happy all the time, and actually seems to understand what I say to her sometimes. There are parts of her being a one-year-old that is just so cool - but the mommy in me can't help but think if this first year went by this fast --- will the rest of it go by like that too?

Either way, I think the only thing that I can really do is just sit back, relax, and enjoy the Peanut's childhood. I've decided to make it my mission in life to make sure that I see that smile every single day, and that she has the happiest possible childhood that me and her Daddy can give her.

I hope you all enjoy these gorgeous photos as much as we do! Thank you SO much Lynn, you were truly a joy to work with! If you want any more information about Lynn Quinlivan's work, please feel free to shoot me a message!!!


  1. Wow, such great photos of such a cutie.

  2. Thanks! I think she gets it from her Mommy :)

  3. She's a beauty :-) Thanks for the opportunity and it was great to meet you both! Interesting blog you have going here. Love the subjects :-)