Friday, August 20, 2010

I recently came across these AWESOME jewelery designs from Finestra Designs. I know my all my kitties know that I am the biggest bleeding heart, like, ever, so it warms my little, er, heart, that Finestra donates 20% of all profits to a wide array of wonderful causes - from the Red Cross, to Doctors Without Borders, to the Nature Conservatory, to Susan G. Komen (plus many more!). What I LOVE about these pieces is that each and every design can be made into earrings, bracelets or pendants - you pick the style, she'll set it for you. LOVE!

There are so many gorgeous pieces it's hard to choose the few I love the mostest, but I'll try!!!

I give you the Orion Nebula on a chain:

Don't like it in gold? This accomodating artist will do it for you in sterling silver or "antique finish" - which is basically like brushed silver. Gorj!

At about the size of a quarter, you can now wear the artist's own photograph of the sun setting over the Alaskan forest:

Aren't these just Oh-My-Word beautiful?

In an ode to my affinity for all things country, how about this beautiful, lonely looking little barn, in a stunning black and white photo from the artist's own work:

I will leave you with one last one, from the artist's artist friend (oh man I am good at the words) John Sherman- how can you not want ALL of these?!! For $35 each, they are a steal & a half!!!

And just so you can see how gorg they would would be sitting on your pretty little neck:

OK, kittens, now trot on over to Finestra and buy yourself a pretty little something.  :)  Enjoy!!!

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  1. Ohmigosh I want them all! What exquisite creations!! :)