Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Not for you, for your darling little one! There is nothing cuter than a little baby - except maybe a little baby in a little hat. Sooo cute! I began my search looking for sun hats for the babe, and OH! I found so much more than sun hats ... but sun hats sure are a greeeaatt place to start!

This first one comes from Bee in Your Bonnet - a super sweet company that specializes in kids bonnets. Everyone knows how much adore yellow, so not terribly shocking that was drawn to this one!

Next we have this SUPER cute and REVERSIBLE sun hat from Madame Jordan, over at - where else - etsy! I love the colors - red and navy is so cute, and I am a sucker for polka dots on the wee one!

I know its barely even August, but if you ask all the shops out there, apparently its time to start preparing for fall. So, OK!!! I will prepare the Peanut for her fall hat collection, starting with this sweetie from Monnalisa!!!!

I kinda want to die for loving this so much. I can just SEE Miss Chloe in this darling ... for about 10 seconds until she pulls it off her head. But still! Those are an amazingly cute 10 seconds!!!

This cloche from Simonetta is super cute too --- the white isn't terrible practical, but the cloche shape is really sweet on little ones.

OK, you really can't blog about baby hats unless you mention the DOZENS of sweet little crocheted things over on etsy (and just about everywhere else). They lend themselves to some SUPER cute baby pics, and there is such a variety of colors and styles available its almost daunting trying to pick one. So, I go buy how cute the model is ... and this one is pretty darn cute -- I love animal ears! Squee! Lets just pinch those squishy little cheeks!!!! Oh ... and the photographer's name is apparently Bree. Weird, right?!

Moms of boys, don't despair! There are some super cute options for YOUR little one too! From fedoras to this sweet little newsboy cap from Dolce & Gabbana, your DS can be decked out in hat-rockin' style too!

Cold weather isn't so far away, and when you live in New England, its never a bad idea to prepare for it early - it could be just around the corner for all we know!!! This comfy looking set from Juicy Couture is perfect for the frigid temperatures we see - ugh, I don't even really want to think about it! Unless they have this in my size, in which case, I'll think about it for a little while ...

OK, excuse me while I go max out my credit card on hats ... ta-ta for now!

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