Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Attack of the Mom Jewelry!

We've all seen them. Those horribly tacky giant gold rings, with the different gemstones representing each of your darling children. Moms wear them because they want people to ask about their children (I know because I have one now - a kid, not the ugly ring), but they don't really look at it and think, wow, this is one beautiful/stylish/awesome piece of jewelry - at least, I hope they don't.

But, "mom jewelery" has come a long way. There is a new way to "wear your pride", and some of the options out theere are actually pretty super duper cute - and sure to prompt lots of questions about your darling children!

To start: I absolutely love bangles. Adore bangles! Love that you can dress them up or dress them down, you can wear 100 of them or just a few, you can pair them with another favorite bracelet and they STILL look chic! So it's no surprise then that my favorite mom jewelery HAS to be these gorgeous initial bangles from Alex and Ani. You can pair them with the birthstone bangles (2nd pic) and your whole darn wrist can be a tribute to your kiddo! Love Alex and Ani - all of their jewlery is made from re-used and recycled materials, which just makes my little heart happy. Wish they weren't so darn expensive ....

Next up: hand-stamp lovelies. These are probably the biggest trend in "Mom Jewelry". Some are sweet, some are basic, all are pretty OK, but in my opinion, the cutest are coming from PeaceofMind over at Etsy. I adore her ALL of her pieces (some GORGEOUS fused glass pieces!), but this is just so sweet any mom would swoon - and, any mom can afford it! I guess I do have to admit that I have a thing for little baby feet though, so I may be biased..

Last but not least, for that mom that just NEEDS to have the birthstone jewelery, but maybe has a little more fashion sense than those hideous rings? Muy In Molly has these really sweet Mom "Nests" that you can put all your baby bird's birthstones in, and wear it in this sweet little pendant with pride knowing that you're just a little more stylish than the lady in the cube next door ....