Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcome to My Blog!

Well, I suppose there is a first time for everything ... I decided to create this blog after years of collecting images, links, text, etc that inspired me or moved me or simply made me go, "Ahhhh ..." And so Whiskers on Kittens is born! My obsessions often fall in the realm of all things baby and everything wedding-related, but I certainly won't limit myself to that. Oh no! You will probably be privy to some home decor posts, some fashion faves, some rants/raves, some photography/art posts ... you name it, it will be all over these whiskers!

So, lets start things off right! My current obsession is black & yellow, especially black & yellow that manages to weave in damask - I am all about damask these days .... and so, some photo-pretty for you from Kim Byers over at the Celebration Shoppe:
And this lovely baby shower over at Half Baked:

Can we all just take a moment to drool over this black & yellow damask area rug over at NurseryCouture.com:

And this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G fabric collection over at Carousel Designs which you can you to DESIGN YOUR OWN CRIB BEDDING. I absolutely ADORE this concept: And, oh-dear-god this hat box-turned-card box (I don't remember where this one came from! Oh no!):

OK,OK, last one I swear. I just absolutely adore these invites from the amazingly talented Sara at CrescentMoonPaper:

OK, is your head spinning yet from my crazy eclectic mind? So sorry! Expect more just like this, as often as I can ....


  1. Thank you for inspiring me to get my own blog going... =)

  2. That's great Illonkis, we can wade through the technicalities behind blogging together!